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Getting Started with Agile

Over the years our organization has given a lot of presentations about Agile.  There are always a handful of people who come up afterwards and say, “I get it and it all makes sense.  But my organization is just not built for this process so I’m not sure I could ever get management to agree to do this.  How could I ever get started?

The New Normal in Business (and IT). What's Yours?

While driving into work yesterday, I found myself reflecting on this past year coming to a close. OK, it was really more like, “Holy cannoli, we’re almost halfway through December already! Where did the year go? That was way too fast.”

 This led me to also recall it has now been three years since the infamous reversal of fortunes the market abruptly experienced in fall 2008. Three years.

Getting IT Embedded in the Business.

In a CIO Innovators video interview* on SearchCIO.com, Frank Wander, CIO of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, shared his thoughts on collaboration and innovation.

The interview contains several poignant points. But one thought, shared by Wander, was especially profound: embed IT in the business. According to Wander, at Guardian, they don’t run “IT projects,” they run “business projects.”

This point highly resonates as a refreshing evolution from the past ten years of CIO’s striving to get IT aligned with the business. Now we can finally see IT for what it is: an actual part of the business that can significantly contribute to business value—not a separate cost center that drives up budgets and goes past deadlines.

Agile Software Development--The Bottomline

Agile software development methodologies provide many benefits including reduced time to market, lower defect rates, and more accurate requirements tracking. The greatest benefit, however, is the lower cost of development realized when agile processes are followed. This paper describes Strategic Data Systems’ experience with agile software development, and demonstrates the financial benefits of following an agile process.

"Agile won't work here." Have you heard that before?

Here is some Friday humor for you if you have ever encountered the infamous phrase, "Agile won't work here."


View this quick (under two minutes), funny (at least we think so) movie depicting how the conversation tends to unfold. Let us know if this has happened to you to. Please share your conversations too.


Looking for Agile Metrics? CLICK HERE.

Looking for some agile metrics?

Then we have some references for you.

Below is a sampling of the agile results our teams have experienced--both within our Agile Development Center and at our clients' work sites, working alongside their team members.

Please see for yourself and explore if these results may be a benefit to your organization or team. Then, please contact us if you would like to discuss how you can get there.

Agility Rocks! See why at Path to Agility Conference, May 26th.

Join SDS at the Happy Hour and Retrospective, 4:30-6:30pm, as part of the Path to a·gil·i·ty conference on May 26th, at the Arena Grand Movie Theater in downtown Columbus, OH.

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Innovation, Agility and Productivity--Cloud Benefits & FREE Trial

Take a few minutes to hear benefits companies can experience from Cloud technologies. SDS Cloud Specialist and Windows Azure MVP, talks with Dave Neilson during a recent trip to Redmond, WA.


Take our advice. Try the cloud for 30 days, for free. Here is what you get:

Windows Azure
3 Small Compute Instances; 3 GB of Storage; 250,000 Storage Transactions

SQL Azure
2 One-GB Web Edition Database

Mike Wood Discusses Innovation, Agility and Productivity--Cloud Benefits

Take a few minutes to hear benefits companies can experience from Cloud technologies. Mike Wood, Cloud Specialist with Strategic Data Systems, and Windows Azure MVP, talks with Dave Neilson during a recent trip to Redmond, WA.



To learn more about our Cloud Practice, please contact us today or review the overview of services provided here.

My Day of Agile - an External Developer's Notes

If you were (or were not) in attandence at the March 26th Cincinnati Day of Agile, we thought you might like to have some notes to help you remember many of the sessions.

Below is a link to a blog posting from, Dave Fancher, an external (non-SDS) developer who is kindly sharing content highlights. See what you think...